Our Story

We are Lion Champions!

What does this mean?

With every product sold from our leather collection we donate 5% percentage of the sale to Lion Landscapes, a charity working to ensure the future of lions in Africa through ecological monitoring and educating people about the threats wild lions are facing. 

Our donation from each sale go towards helping fund the 'Lion Friendly Livestock' programme, which aims to alleviate human-wildlife conflict created by many pastoralists grazing their cattle near wildlife areas.

Seventy five percent of Kenya’s wildlife exists on rangeland shared with pastoral people, who traditionally prioritise livestock quantity over quality.

This results in rangeland degradation and unsustainable agricultural practices threaten biodiversity, amplify poverty by reducing returns on investment, and can increase climate change vulnerability.

Lion Friendly Livestock is a certification that incentivises ‘conservation-friendly’ livestock farming practices by linking them to increased livestock value for commercial and traditional pastoralists.

Women’s cooperatives are key partners, improving equity in a traditionally-male enterprise. Lion Friendly Livestock strengthens pastoral livelihoods and enables communities to more sustainably manage their rangeland for people, livestock and biodiversity.

Overall the Lion Friendly Livestock programme aims to increase the value of coexisting with wildlife for commercial and traditional pastoral people by developing strong brand recognition and market share for livestock products raised on biodiverse rangelands that include the largest carnivore species, i.e. lion, and enable sustainable and predator-friendly practices throughout the landscape through the effective and equitable sharing of expertise, tools and benefits.

Thank you for any support you can give us and Lion Landscapes in supporting this great programme!