The Team

Meet our amazing team of Masters in their field!

We are honoured to say that we believe our team are masters at what they do!  


Sammy is our head of leather and design work. He has been with the team from the very start of Urban Ranch - without him we wouldn't be where we are today!


Jackson is our leather cutting expert and is in charge of quality checking our leather to ensure it is of the highest quality. 


Eunice is part of the beading team at The Studio. She helps to empower and employ new beading groups to join us and therefore helping ensure our product line is sustainable and operating in a circular economy.


Mary is also part of the beading team at the Urban Ranch Studio and is also Bugsy's (the dog!) biggest fan!


Joseph is the newest member to the Urban Ranch Studio team. He specialises in leather cutting and trimming to ensure all of our products are of the highest quality. 


Jane is a crucial part of the beading team, she ensures all the patterns and designs are finished correctly. Jane has been beading for over 50 years and learnt to bead from her grandmother when she was a little girl.


Steve is part of the leather team and in charge of selecting new leather patterns and colours - he has a great eye and ensures are products remain fresh and featuring the latest colours!


Eunice is part of the beading team at the Urban Ranch Studio. She creates new beading designs and colour patterns!