As part of our social impact, we pledge to help and support local Kenyan women living in remote areas, gain skill and employment to help support their families. 

Last week our expert beaders, Eunice and Mary, travelled to Samburu in northern Kenya to a women's beading group to outsource the beading of our leather belts to these women.

When we outsource our beading to women's groups like this, we aim to not only provide employment, but we also aim to up-skill and empower younger women wanting to go into beading. With training and support we help ensure that these women produce beaded items that meet international quality standards. 


When Eunice and Mary travelled to Samburu they were shocked by the level of drought in this area. Samburu hasn't had sufficient rain for over a year now, meaning that people living in this area have had to either move to greener pasture or have had to seek additional employment to be able to afford more expensive commodities, such as food and clothing.

Eunice and Mary oversaw the beading of over 30 Samburu women and produced over 100 belts in one week. Not only do we provide the raw material and beads but we also provide a fair price per beaded item made. 

Therefore by buying our beaded items you are not only supporting lion conservation through our lion friendly story, but you are also supporting local Kenyan women who have beaded our items. 

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Thank you for any support you can give us!