Part of our ethos at Urban Ranch is to work and support community groups in Kenya.

Our studio (where all our amazing products are hand-made) is located 5 hours north of Nairobi, and acts as a hub for craftsmen from all over Kenya to come and practice and develop their skills. We support the empowerment of Kenyan craftsmen and help facilitate them to get their products into international markets by providing the necessary equipment and infrastructure to do so. 

The Urban Ranch Studio, Kenya

We also work with women-lead beading groups who live too far away from our Studio to commute to us on a daily basis. We ensure that their incredible skills are not over-looked but instead made accessible to markets by travelling to them regularly and working with them to create the beautiful beaded items you see on our website

Creating a circular economy for the benefit of people and wildlife

Many skilled Kenyans live near the wildlife areas from where we source our leather. We therefore are not only supporting wildlife conservation through The Lion Friendly Story, but we are also supporting people and their families living near these areas. We are therefore helping create a circular economy within the rural communities of Kenya. 

How to support our movement

By buying our products you are not only supporting conservation initiatives in Kenya but you are also supporting hundreds of people and their families whose lives depend on the sale of their crafts.

Thank you for your support!

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